Responsibilities as at 1st December 2020

On December 1st 2020, Residential Aged Care (RAC) providers delivering services to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants in their facilities will become NDIS registered providers. This means that Residential Aged Care providers supporting NDIS participants will be required to meet the obligations of the NDIS Act and NDIS (Provider Registration and Practice Standards) Rules 2018, in relation to the NDIS participants they support.


It is important to note regulatory requirements relating to aged care residents (that is, residents that are not NDIS participants) do not change and continue to be regulated only through the Aged Care Act 1997.


The requirements are below:

Practice Standards and Audit

– What are they?

– What do I need to do?

Code of Conduct

– What is it?

– Who does it apply to?

Complaints Management

– What do I need?

– Who can use it?

NDIS Worker Screening

– Who needs this?

– What about existing checks?

Incident Management and Reportable Incidents

– What do I need to do?

– What is a reportable incident?

– How do I report?

– How often?

Behaviour Support Plans and Restrictive Practices

– What are they?

– When do I need one?

– How do I obtain one?

– What are my reporting obligations?

PRODA and the NDIS Commission Portal

– What is this?

– Do I need it?

– How do I access it?

– What tasks will I complete with it?

– Are there user guides to help?